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agent Person or company that acts for another and provides a specified service.
agreement Arrangement between two or more people or companies.
bargain price Reduced price
bedrock price Lowest possible price.
commitment Engagement or undertaking;  to commit oneself.
compromise Each party gives up certain demands in order to reach an agreement.
condition A stipulation or requirement which must be fulfilled.
contract Written agreement between two or more parties.
counter-offer Offer made in response to an offer by the other party.
counter-productive Having the opposite effect to that intended.
deal A business transaction.
discount Reduction in price.
estimate Approximate calculation of the cost.
facilities Equipment (e.g. parking facilities).
feasible Possible, something that can be done.
figure out Find a solution;  estimate the cost.
know-how Practical knowledge or skill.
joint venture A way of entering a foreign market by joining with a foreign company to manufacture or market a product or service.
negotiate Discuss a business deal  in order to reach an agreement.
point out Draw attention to something (e.g. the advantages of your proposal).
proposal Course of action, or plan, put forward for consideration; 
to make a proposal.
quote Give an estimated price (a quotation).
range A selection of products sold by a company.
rebate Reduction or discount.
supply Provide customers with goods or services.
supplier Person or company that supplies goods or services.
tender A written offer to execute work or supply goods at a fixed price
turnkey Equipment ready for use or operation (e.g. a plant or factory).
underestimate Make too low an estimate of something (cost, danger, difficulty).
work out Calculate (e.g. price of something); find a solution.