Hotels and Food

Hotel Reception - Audio

Receptionist;Good morning, can I help you? Guest; Good morning. I think there should be two rooms booked for us in the names of Tony Marshall and May Hunter. Receptionist;Just a moment ... yes, two single rooms with en suite bathrooms. Guest;that's right. We're attending the "Sun sea and sand" conference and exhibition. Does that mean we get a discount? Receptionist;Yes, we are one of the conference partner hotels so there is a 10% discount. Is it for ten days, is that right? Guest; yes, until the 13th, that's ten days. Receptionist; good.

Hotel Reception - Audio

Receptionist;Good morning, can I help you? Guest;Good morning, I think there should be two rooms booked us in the names of Tony Marshall and May Hamleton Receptionist;Just a moment. Guest;We're attending the " Sun Sea and Sand" Exhibition Receptionist;Well Sir, I'm affraid you have nothing booked. All I have left are two small rooms at the front of the Hotel. They will be a bit noisy, I'm affraid as there is a pub opposite. Guest;What! That's terrible. How did that happen? What do you want to do May? Should we find somewhere else? Guest; I suppose we have no choice really. It's too late to find another hotel now, we'll just have to take them. Receptionist;Fine, I'm very sorry about that.

Hotel Reception Continues - Audio

Receptionist;Right, so that's all booked now. We'll need you to sign a credit card vouchure in advance. Guest; Okay. Oh no, I can't seem to find my card. Where's my wallet? Guest; Did you leave it somewhere? In the taxi? Guest; Oh no, I think I did, I left my wallet in the taxi. I put it on the seat when we got in. What a disaster. Receptionist;Careful Sir, your briefcase. Guest;Oh no, all over the floor, all my papers. Receptionist;Not to worry Sir, we'll soon get them together. Guest;Sorry May, what a mess. I'll have to phone the taxi company to see if they've found my wallet. By the way, can you lend me some change for the phone? Guest; Here you are.

At the restaurant - Audio

Waiter; Good evening ladies and gentlemen, do you have a reservation Guest; Yes, in the name of Marshal. Waiter; Yes, table for six at eight thirty. Would you like a drink in the bar first. Guest; No thanks, I think we'll go straight to the table. Waiter; Fine, can I take your coats? Guest; Thank you. Waiter; We have over fifty specials today. A waiter will come and help you in a moment. Guest; Thanks. Have you been here before Anita? Anita; No, I haven't, but it's quiet well known in Manchester. It's famous for its sizzling Chinese steak, very hot! Guest; Shall we order an aperitif. What would you like Anita? Anita; Sherry for me , please

At the restaurant continues - Audio

Anita; so, have you enjoyed your time in Manchester, Tony? Tony; very much. It's been great. We haven't stopped for a minute. Anita; You had time to see the city then? Tony; Yes, we saw masses of things, we went to the disco, restaurants, all the shoe shops in the city, Castlefield, the Lake District, Anita; and time to work as well? Tony; now and again, in fact, the exhibition was a great success, wasn't it May? May; Yes, it was brilliant. Waiter; Can I get you anything else, Madam? Sir? Tony; No, just the bill, please. Anita; That steak was delicious, thank you very much for inviting us. Tony; It's our pleasure. Here is to a long and fruitful partnership. May; Absolutely. Anita; Thanks, and see you back in Manchester next year I hope. Tony; Me too.

At the Restaurant going bad - Audio

Waiter; good evening ladies and gentlemen, do you have a reservation? Tony; yes we do, in the name of Marshall. Waiter; I'm sorry sir, we don't seem to have any booking for you. How many are you? Tony; We're six all together. May; No reservation, Tony didn't you phone? Tony; I thought you did. Waiter; we do have one table. This way sir.Can I take your coats? Tony; Thank you. Waiter; Here you are sir, madam. Tony; It's right by the kitchen. Haven't you got a better table? Waiter; I'm very sorry sir, this is the only one available. Tony; Well, it'll have to do then. Have you been here before, Anita? Anita; No I haven't, it's not very well known, I think it's new.

At the Restaurant and still going bad - Audio

Tony; This fish is cold, and I could eat four of them! It's tiny. May; yes, mine's a bit cold too. Who's your sea food Anita? Anita; Okay thanks. Have you enjoyed your time in Manchester? Tony; We like the city, but we did have a few problems. Anita; that's a pity, but you saw something of the night life? May; we did go out a lot. We had a good time actually. Waiter; Excuse me sir, the bill. Tony; goodness! 220 pounds! May; What!

The Menu (USA)WAV - Audio

Hi there. My name?s Ivan and I?m your waiter for today. Do you want more time to look at the menu? No, okay, now, Our chief this evening is Jean Paul and everything on the menu is really great, Maybe I can give you my personal recommendation? Is that okay, folks? Well, I love everything on the menu but tonight the grilled tuna steak is fantastic

The Menu (USA) WAV - Audio

Waiter Okay, ma?am, are you ready to order? Lady Sure, I?ll have the melon with Palma ham, followed by the steak. Waiter How do you want the steak? Lady Well done. Waiter Okay, what do you want with that? Lady The salad. Waiter Do you want a dressing on that? Lady Yes, oil and vinegar. Waiter And for dessert, do you want to order now, or later? Lady Now. The strawberries please. Waiter Okay , thank you.

The Menu (USA) WAV - Audio

Waiter Are you ready to order sir? Gentleman Thanks, I?d like the spinach and bacon salad. Does that have a dressing? Waiter Yes it does. It has an extra virgin olive oil dressing with lime garlic and fresh herbs. Gentleman That?s fine. And I?d like the tuna, it sounds great, with a baked potato. Waiter Thank you, would you like to order dessert now? Gentleman No, I?ll choose desert later, thank you. Waiter You?re welcome

The Menu (USA) WAV - Audio

Waiter And for you ma?am? Lady I?ll try the tomato and mozzarella salad for starters, then the stir fried vegetables, please. Waiter That comes on its own, is that okay? Lady Yes, that?s fine, and I?d like a KeyLine pie, thanks. Waiter Okay

Fast Food - Audio

1 Assistant Yes, please? Customer Two hot dogs, please. Assistant Anything else? Customer No, thank you. Assistant That?s ú5.20, please. Customer Thank you. 2 Assistant Yes, please? Customer A hamburger and a lemonade, please. Assistant Small or large? Customer Small, please. Assistant That?s ú4, please. Customer Thank you. 3 Assistant Yes, please? Customer A large coffee, please. Assistant Anything else? Customer No, thanks. Assistant 7Op, please. Customer Thank you.

Fast Food - Audio

Waitress; Next.Yes sir. Customer; I'd like a Big Burger please. Waitress; Anything else? Customer; Yes, with fries. Waitress; Regular, or large fries? Customer; Large. Waitress; Anything to drink? Customer; yes, coffee. Waitress; is that everything? Customer; Yes, that's it . Waitress; Okay, that's a Big Burger, with large fries, and coffee. Customer; Right. Waitress; That's 5.51 with the tax. Customer; here you go. Waitress; out of ten, 4.49 change. It's coming right up. EXERCISE TWO Waitress; Hello again Customer; Hi, I'd like an ice cream please. Waitress; would you like vanilla, chocolate, or both? Customer; Both. Waitress; There you go. 1.81 with the tax. Customer; Okay Waitress; I can't make change for a fifty. Do you have anything smaller? Customer; Oh yes, here's a two dollar bill. Waitress; Thanks.

Getting Around

Car rental bad - Audio

Customer;Good morning we'd like to rent a car please. Rental Agent;Certainly sir, what kind of car were you wanting? Customer;I saw a nice red sports car outside, is that for hire? We'll take that one please. Rental Agent;I'm sorry,it's already rented to that gentleman, over there. Customer;Tony, but wouldn't that be rather expensive anyway? Customer; What other cars do you have? Any other sport cars? Rental Agent;I'm afraid the only other car we have left is a small Fiat. Nothing else. Customer;That sounds better. Customer; Don't you have anything a little faster? Rental Agent;No I'm afraid not sir.

Car rental bad b - Audio

Rental Agent;Can I see your driving lisence please. Customer; I didn't bring it with me, itýs in the hotel. Will my passport do? Rental Agent;I'm very sorry sir, but we must see your driving license. Customer; I suppose I'll have to go and get it. Can you reserve the car for us? Rental Agent;Yes sir, if you pay a deposit and fill in these pappers. Customer;We wanted to go to the Lake District. Can you recommend anything to see there? Rental Agent;There are a lot of hills, rivers, sheep Customer;yes. But anything special? Where should we go? Rental Agent;I don't know really, I'm from Manchester love. Customer; Thank you so much. Customer; Oh no, it's started to rain. I hate driving in the rain. Shall we stay in Manchester, May?

Car rental good a - Audio

Customer;good morning, we would like to rent a car please. rental agent;certainly madam, and what kind of car were you wanting? Customer;a sports car.Something fast. Customer; Tony, won't that be a bit expensive? rental agent;Well, we have one for one hundred ponds a day. A red Porsche Customer;only one hundred pounds May, that's only fifty pounds each. Customer; Fifty pounds, can't we get something cheaper? rental agent;Well, we also have a red Mercedes coupe at eighty five pounds a day. Customer; no thank you. Can't we have an ordinary car? We're only going out for the day. Rental agent; yes madam.

Car rental good b - Audio

Rental agent;Is a Volkswagen alright then sir? Customer;Yes thank you. Is it red? Rental agent;Yes Customer;I suppose that'll do then. Customer;We are hoping to go to the Lake District, can you recommend some things to see there? Rental agent;Lake Windermeer is beautiful, and you could stop in Grange and in Kendle on the way.It's a very beautiful area, lovely views and walks and all sorts of things. Customer;how long would it take to get there? Rental agent; I suppose it would take about two hours depending on the traffic. Customer; if we had a faster car ... Customer; no Tony, we're not racing, we're just having a quiet day in the country.

Directions good a - Audio

Tourist;excuse me, I'm looking for Portland Street, is this the right way? Passer by;yes, keep going straight on and that's it. Tourist;Straight on? Passer by;what are you looking for, the bus station? Tourist;No, its a building called The Charlton Business Centre , a company called On Your Own Travel Passer by;Oh right, go straignt, okay, this is Mosely Street, you want to turn right at the traffic lights, that's called Princess Street, or something like that Tourist;Princes Street? Passer by;No, Princess Street Tourist;Okay, Princess Street Passer by;then it's in front of you, Portland Street Tourist; Cheers, straight ahead, then turn right. Passer by; that's it, Have you got a cigarette mate? Tourist; sorry, no.

Directions good b - Audio

Tourist;Excuse me, is this Princes Street? Passer by;No, this is Princess Street. Tourist;Yes, sorry, Princess Street. I'm looking for Portland Street, is it near here? Passer by;Yes, do you want the bus station? Tourist;No, actually, I'm looking for the Charlton Business Centre. Passer by;Yes, that is next to the Bus Station, love. Tourist;Is it near hear, I'm a bit late actually. Passer by;Yes, it only takes two minutes or so. You carry on straight down here and then take the first left. Tourist;And that's Portland Street is it? Yes, I can see it by the phone box, over there. Passer by; Yes that's it. Go down there and it's on your right by the bus station.

Directions bad a - Audio

Tourist;Excuse me, I'm trying to get to Piccadilly Gardens, is this the right way? Passer by;Let me think, Piccadilly Gardens. No, it's that way love, back there. Tourist;What, back there? I thought they were in the centre? Passer by;yes, that way. Tourist;Thank you, but isn't that the city centre, straight ahead? Passer by;I don't know love, but the gardens are back there. Tourist;Are they far from here? Passer by;Ten minutes or so. If you like, I can come with you. Tourist;No thank you , I'll find them. Thank you very much. Passer by;Excuse me love, have you got the time please? Tourist; It's half past two. Passer by; thanks love.

Directions bad b - Audio

Tourist;Excuse me, I'm trying to get to the Piccadilly Gardens and I'm lost. Is it far from here? Passer by;Piccadilly Gardens, no it's not this way. It's in the city centre. Tourist;Is it? Someone told me it was this way. Passer by;No, it's not this way. You want to go down there. Tourist;Okay, down there. Passer by;Yes, then turn left okay, then right,first street on your right, then straight on, keep walking Tourist;I'm lost, it sounds really difficult. Could I get a taxi anywhere near here? Passer by;It's not so far. Tourist;It is also starting to rain. I think I will get a taxi, thanks anyway. Passer by;That's okay, lots of taxies go this way Tourist;I'm getting wet, what a day!


Airports - Audio

The summer holidays have come at last. You are at the airport waiting to go to Caracas. You hope that the jetlag isn't going to be too bad. You find the appropriate check-in desk. All European flights are non-smoking. Your flight to Caracas isn't. You go through customs.

Check in a - Audio

Check-in Desk; could I have your tickets please. Passenger;Yes, here they are. Check-in Desk;Please put your bags on the scales. Is that all you have? Passenger;No I also have this other suitcase. Check-in Desk;Is this also yours? Passenger;no, that doesn't belong to me. Check-in Desk;Do you prefer window or aisle seats? Passenger;Any, as long as they are near the emergency exit. Check-in Desk;Smoking or non-smoking? Passenger;Aren't they all non-smoking now? Check-in Desk;This is your boarding pass, and here are your bagage slips. Have a good trip. Who's next please?

Check in b- Audio

Passenger; do I check in here, for New York? Check-in desk;yes, could I see your ticket and passport please? Passenger; Here you are. Check-in desk;Thank you. How many pieces of luggage are you checking in? Passenger; Just one suitcase. Check-in desk;Did you pack the case yourself? Passenger; No, my wife did. Check-in desk;Does the bag contain any electrical items? Passenger; Yes, an electric raisor, and a personal sterio. Check-in desk;I'm affraid you can't take electricronic items in hold bagage.You'll have to take the personal sterio in hand bagage, I'm affraid. Passenger; Just a minute. There. Check-in desk;Thank you. Has the case been unattended at any time since your wife packed it? Passenger; No. Check-in desk;Fine, would you like smoking or non-smoking ? Passenger; non-smoking please. Check-in desk;and, would you prefer a window or an aisle seat? Passenger; window please. Check-in desk;Here you are. Here is your boarding card, ticket and passport. Boarding is at 18.40 from gate 23. Have a pleasant flight.

travel numbers - Audio

Good evening. Cross Globe flight CG185 to Vancouver is now ready for boarding. We are boarding the aeroplane in sections. Please have your boarding passes on hand. Passengers with small children and passengers with difficulties can board the aeroplane now. Next, all those passengers in rows 39 through 56. Next, all those passengers between rows 20 and 38. Next, business class passengers seated in rows 6 through 19. Finally, First Class passengers in rows 1 through 5.

Types of ticket - Audio

A; When would you like to leave? B; Tonight. A; Would you like to make a reservation or do you just want your ticket? B; It?s too late to reserve, isn?t it? A; Will you be travelling first, or second class? B; The cheapest way. A; Single or return? B; Return A; Are you entitled to a reduction? B; Unfortunately not. A; Do you have any preferences? B; Non-smoking definitely.

Telling the time - Audio

1 A Hello, Transport Museum. B Oh, hello. What time does the museum open today, please? A It opens at ten o?clock. B Thank you. 2 A Hello, ABC Cinema. B Oh, hello. What time does the film start this evening, please? A Which film ? The Winner or Monday, Monday? B Oh, Monday, Monday, please. A That?s in Studio 2 and it starts at seven forty-five. B Thank you. 3 A What time does the train leave? B The London train? A Yes. B Er, just a minute, It leaves in fifteen minutes, at ten past eleven. A Ten past eleven. Thank you. 4 A I have to go out at eight. What time does this program finish? B Oh, I don?t know. Just a minute, it?s in the newspaper here. Er, it finishes at quarter past eight. A Oh, well can you record it for me, please? B OK. A Thanks. 5 A What time do the shops close on Tuesdays? B They close at five thirty, I think. A Thank you. 6 A What time does your parents? plane arrive this afternoon? B It arrives at two twenty. A Twenty past two. Can you meet them? B Yes, I can, A What time do lessons finish today B They finish at ten to one. A Ten to one? OK, thanks 8 A What time does the supermarket close? B Six thirty, I think. Oh no, just a minute. It?s Friday today, so it closes at half past eight. A Oh good. I can go after work. Thanks.