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It was Thursday morning, the weather was better than I thought. I got up early, had a shower and put on some clean clothes, the best clothes I had. In order to manage my stress I like to have a walk in all types of weather. I didn't go for a walk today though, I was too busy. I didn't have a car so I needed to take the bus. I had an appointment in Manchester city center at 11.30 to see the director of a local advertising agency. They should be a very useful contact to develop.
They are promoting live concerts at the local stadium and some of my favorite bands will be playing. I would be happy to meet any of them. I listen to music every day and live for music. I also like cooking, I can cook very well and it is nice to be able to do something which other people appreciate. The agency I was meeting wanted to see me as I had experience with certain management tools they use on a daily basis. They have a company policy to apply these tools to marketing and for their employment policy because they create a more efficient environment.
I was very surprised when I heard they used management tools for their employment policy, it seemed very interesting. Yesterday, I had my hair cut so I was more presentable. I got to their offices early, so I had to wait. There were a lot of good cafés so I had a coffee and watched some TV alone. I love coffee but I don't like tea much. The area was full of factories and offices. It was very industrial. I lived most of my life on a farm so I was not used to industry. After the coffee I went for a walk and stopped at a local employment agency.
There were a lot of jobs on offer. The people seemed friendly and the office was nice so I popped in. The meeting at the agency took just a few minutes and they seemed like professional people. They told me I will not have any difficulty finding a job. I found that difficult to believe in this climate, the worst climate for some time. I left them a copy of my CV and they told me they would call me. It was time to go to the marketing agency, I didn't want to be late. The marketing field is difficult but I find it so interesting. The offices were beautiful, much nicer than the employment agency's. They left me with a form to fill in which had a lot of personal questions.
I didn't always want to work in marketing. For a while, I was employed in accountancy, more specifically, financial accountancy. I found Management accountancy was too boring. In marketing, however, from day to day, you feel like anything can happen. I also think I am better at marketing than accountancy. An enthusiastic assistant called me over and I followed her to the marketing and sales department. She was full of energy with a striped T-shirt and a black pair of trousers. The marketing department was very clean, and light and some of the employees were acting quite silly. On the contrary, the Marketing Manager was really quite serious, he was wearing an elegant suit, glasses and his hair was very curly.
He spoke clearly and came over as very professional. He asked me 'Shall we start?', and I smiled as an answer, as I felt a little nervous. He asked me 'Let's talk about your work experience.' So we started talking and we got on really well. We spent some time negotiating the deal, but at the end, we shook hands and we closed the deal. I will have a tough job meeting the agreed expectations, but I think I will have a good time trying. I do work hard and I care about my targets.

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